Equator Technologies Kenya limited - A supplier of Bio fertilizers, Bio pesticides, Bio Activators, Micro Nutrients and Organic Manure in Kenya and countries of the East African community. We offer to our farmers the most preferred brands of Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides certified for organic farming in the countries of the East African community.

Our product line for agricultural needs:

BIO Complexes (Fertilizers)

Our bio preparations are for:

- The requirements in agriculture (preparations for plant growing, feed additives in the animal husbandry) - Solutions for solving ecological problems

All bio preparations are ecologically safe, not dangerous for people, animals and insects!

Wholesalers/ Distributors are wanted for cooperation and partnership in the East African Countries.For more details contact: info@equateken.com

Agricultural projects using our products are aimed at aiding farmers to get wholesome, natural agricultural products.

Fertilizers & Bio Products
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Equator Technologies is now the main distributor of I- MEMO in East Africa!!!
What is I-MEMO ??: - This is a place where you can record your password, secret information and private data. We therefore say that I-Memo contains your secrets and password. Everybody knows, that identity, rights of access and privacy are protected by the complexity and diversity of your passwords and pin codes. But what can happen if we have to use only our memory? Or just our mobile phone? In this case passwords could be easily discovered or stolen or it may happen that you forget them just because you saved under false name that you later do not remember - Because memory is not enough!!!

The solution to this is I-Memo, an electronic device of just 85 / 50 mm portable, independent and innovative. It can store at any time complex and different codes, avoiding the danger of predictability. In addition your password could be easily found or changed whenever you need it.

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For more information to go I- MEMO: - Send your contacts to: info@equateken.com or on Skype: siruwere and we shall come back to you as soon as possible

Samozdrav Breathing Device
Health Without Medication : Then make use of the Samozdrav Respiration Training Device (A HEALTH PHISICAL TRAINING IMITATOR SAMOZDRAV). Due to purely historical reasons, heart disease and hypertension became the main applications for this respiratory device. (The Samozdrav breathing device has a similar physiological effect as the Buteyko breathing technique and the Frolov breathing device: intermittent hypercapnic hypoxic training). How does Samozdrav device work? One brief respiratory exercise a day is enough for lowering your respiratory intensity in the state of your rest to the normal level after several months of using this device. The application of the respiratory device Samozdrav is a provision of innovative ideas related to the impact of CO2 on the blood vessels (vasodilation), and therefore, better transport oxygen to all vital organs.

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For more information; Please skype: siruwere OR click here

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For more information E-mail:info@equateken.com

For more information Email:info@equateken.com

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